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I got a breast reduction!

on January 7, 2014

As much as I’d love to be sitting her writing that I lost weight and in the process lost some of my boobs…I didn’t. I literally had a surgical breast reduction. WHY? If you’re asking this question, you are either a male, or a small breasted female who has never had the complications of large breasts. Lucky you!

Over the summer of 2013 I ordered numerous bikini tops in the largest size these companies made that was within my budget. Well, After 3 attempts and 3 let downs, 3 melt downs in full temper tantrum mode I gave up. That was it! I was done. It wasn’t fair to me that regardless of my size my boobs were so big nothing fit. Not bras, not shirts, not sports bras, and definitely not bikini tops. All my graphic shirts would be so stretched, it was pointless in wearing them.

Anyways, my biggest mental and physical blockade was my weight. How can I lose weight when I had these ginormous things on my chest. I couldn’t dare jump, jog, do crunches, and during PMS, walking would hurt. So with all my reasons, excuses, explanations or whatever you want to  call them I called a recommended plastic surgeon.

I figured… MAYBE, just MAYBE…IF i can get these things off my chest I may stand a chance in this world. MAYBE my self esteem would take flight, MAYBE I could jog for once in my life, jump rope for once without black eyes or bruises on my chin. MAYBE, it would give me the motivation to eat healthier, make the changes necessary to better my body then add exercise and it would all come together.

I’ll save you all the gory details of my surgery, the complications and all that jazz and skip forward to now… 6 weeks post op.

Surgeon removed 1 kilo from each breast, that is 2.2 pounds EACH! I am now almost a bag of sugar lighter and let me tell you the difference it has made. I have always had a bad back, BUT the boobs seriously crippled my neck and back. Now, All I have is my normal back pain, not the middle and the top strain I’ve had all these years. It took a few weeks for my muscles in my back to relax, I successfully confused them. My neck no longer feels like someone has a rope around my neck pulling me around town like a donkey in a 3rd world country. I actually can sit up straight and it not hurt.

OK, so that is the physical positives out of getting this surgery. Now, while I won’t know my true new size for about 6 months, I feel amazing and I can NOT wait until I can start walking again, or jog for the first time. I’m excited. I think jogging will give me a new level of achievement because for once I may be able to complete a mile in under 18-20 minutes , which in turn burns more calories. I am wearing a sports bra that fits nicely for recovery as wearing a bra 24×7 for 3 months is recommended by my surgeon.


Cheers, heres to new beginnings.


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