Full Moon 13

Crazy lady rants

I hate everything…

Ever have one of those days when literally you hate everything??  It was apparent that at 6am this morning it was one of those days. So much that I had to bring up “I hate everything” by the Suicide Machines on my playlist and listen to it. 6am I tell ya!

I was only awake for 30 minutes at this point, mind you I’m a volcano on a daily basis anyways. I’m always there, people fear me, I let off bursts of steam here and there and before a big blow up I always warn people with small amounts of ash and lava (in your face sarcasm, F*** off’s and go do it yourself attitudes) today was some of that so basically I should be blowing up really big here soon.

Anyways, you really gotta listen to this song if you ever have one of these days. 🙂  I Hate Everything – Suicide Machines

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