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Day 10, it’s getting easier.

on April 6, 2016

I update my facebook more than my blog, but since I now have a few people who follow this shit storm I call a blog, (and I appreciate each and every one of you ♥) I figured I’d update you all.
I’m on day 10, honestly I didn’t think I’d make it past day 1-7. Last Friday (April 1) I weighed in because I knew I wouldn’t make it past the weekend and have anything good to report on Monday. So, on Friday I weighed in at 215.0. I started out at 217.6. WAHOO! Hard work does pay off!

I haven’t started a real exercise schedule yet. Every time I try to lose weight I dive in head first and fail every single time. This time I am literally taking it one thing at a time. I’ll add in exercise later, but for right now, I need to get my food straight. Plus, I’m solar powered and this weather here in the south BLOWS!!! One day it’s 70 and sunny, the next its 30 with flurries. I give up. I have a really nice treadmill too, but that shit boring. It makes a really nice clothes rack though. LOL You should get one! ;-)~

This Monday (April 5th) I MADE IT THROUGH THE WEEKEND!!! OK, Friday I totally failed. During the day I did ok, but when the kids came home and the husband I went from strong and confident to FUCK IT real quick. I thought my journey was done. I committed diet suicide.  But I surprised myself when I woke up Saturday and felt ok. My strong and confident mindset returned. So I kept going. Monday when I weighed in, I was 213.4. YEAH BUDDY!.

Starting weight: 216.8   3/25/16   (real starting weight was 217.6)

Last week:             215.0  4/1/16
Current Weight: 213.4   4/5/16     I’m excited! 🙂


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