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I Got a Breast Reduction (part 2) Update 2 years later

on April 6, 2016

Hey reader, If you’re reading this before reading part 1 of “I Got a Breast Reduction” please read it now.

ok, Thanks for taking that few minutes to read part 1, now for part 2 AKA Update!

It’s been 2 full years since my reduction and I’ve settled in to a 38DD but guess what? They are uneven and both are different shapes. Probably from the complication I had. But still.

Instead of gaining self esteem and losing weight like I had hoped, planned and tried doing I now weigh 30 pounds more and my boobs are ugly. No, not from the scars;  having a chest that looks like frankenstein actually doesn’t bother me. No, it’s the shapes. Yes plural, SHAPES! I guess because of the life/death complication I had on my left breast it caused a change in shape. But hey! I’m alive and well, so I guess I should be thankful. Eh, sure. I guess.


*less back pain
*less neck strain
*shirts fit
*bikini tops fit better than they did before (Not that I belong in a bikini top, but life is short- so screw it! )
*I can exercise completely free now, no bruises or porn act


*odd shapes created a non existent bra size
*torpedo boobs anyone?
*bat wings!  or at least that’s what they call them. It’s disgusting pockets of fat (aka side boob) left over from my once ginormous breasts. Insurance doesn’t cover Lip Suction and I’m not wealthy so I can’t afford lipo to remove it.

*LOW-er Self esteem- Get a breast reduction they said. ( and I said)  Boy was that a mistake. I had NO IDEA how big a part of who I was lied within my boobs. Apparently It was the only thing I had going for me. I hated them because I hate attention. I hated people (women and men) judging me because of them. Both sexes thought I was some kind of slut, so both sexes would make comments.  But now that I don’t have them, I miss them terribly. When the world around me went wrong, “at least I have big boobs”. When other girls tried flirting with my husband, “at least my boobs are bigger than hers, I’m good” When I needed a snack and food was nowhere to be found, I could just reach down my bra and pull out a full course meal. (totally kidding, I even just gagged a little just saying that LOL)
Now, I’m just fat with little boobs and totally disproportionate. A body that was never mine and I don’t recognize it.


Funny story:
When I needed to get out a ticket, “use the boobs! unzip your jacket a little” I’d tell myself and it worked. Or it could have just been my personality that got me off. I was always respectful towards the officer, yes sir, I’d always admit my guilt . Mind you it was 2am and I had just gotten off work as a waitress back in my college years, I sat at a red light to turn left and the damn light just wouldn’t give me an arrow. So after about 2-3 light changes I said “fuck it” and turned left on red. (not a single car in sight) So I made the left and damn it if I didn’t hear the little WHOOP WHOOP and the lights. OH MAN!  Ipulled over and looked but no cop. HUH? where’d he go? So I stayed on the shoulder because I just turned left on red and I KNOW he’s coming for me. I got my information out and waiting for him. He got to me about 30 seconds later. Cop comes up to my window smiling “do you know why I pulled you over?”  I said  “yes, I turned left on red, and technically I pulled over and waited for you LOL) He laughed and said well, you waited about 2-3 lights before you turned, but didn’t you see me sitting there?  I looked him right in the eyes and said “officer, if I  saw you sitting there, I wouldn’t have made an illegal turn”  He laughed again and told me he appreciated my honesty. Told me there he was just going to run my information and as long as I didn’t have any problems he’d let me go.  Of course I didn’t, I was/am a good girl. So, boobs or personality, or both. Either way I had the confidence to smile at a cop.


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