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Heroin/Narcan & Cancer part 2.

on January 20, 2018

Don’t confuse anger with passion. When someone speaks about something that has touched their heart in such a way they have to speak about it, more likely it’s passion, they are speaking with conviction. They are hurting.

My post about narcan was passion. I’m angry at the government.
I’m angry because in a world where we are watching our children fight for their lives from cancer, our mothers, our friends.. Etc our government quickly found an antidote for a heroin overdose but not a cure for cancer.

I believe in 2nd chances, I wish all those who got that second chance at life with narcan would turn their lives around. Instead, a large majority of them end up overdosing again and again until finally medical help doesn’t get to them soon enough.
I know my words come easy because I’ve never known anyone personally that has overdosed and been brought back, I haven’t personally been affected by someone who has drug problems. I have empathy for the people the drug addicts leave behind, my heart breaks for them. The drug users themselves, I can understand why they use to cover up the pain they feel inside from either a shitty life or a traumatic event. Again, my comments made about them is passion. I honestly do care, but there’s nothing I can do about it. And I wish I could help.
I’m angry at our government and health care system that refuse to accept patients who lack insurance or don’t have good insurance. For mental health offices that “need to evaluate your file to see if you QUALIFY and if the doctor wants to take you on as a patient” I’ve heard those exact words. WTF is that? No, a doctor receives a new patient and they go from there. What is this bullshit about a patient qualifying? If someone reaches out for help, they need help. Period. As a doctor you help them. Screw their insurance.
I’m angry at our government for bleeding Americans for million dollar cancer treatments only for them to get it again and usually worse the 2nd time. But some how narcan is given to drug abusers for free, they get free needles, free help and we have families who lose everything they’ve worked for their whole lives taken away because they owe a million dollars to a hospital.
My heart does feel more sympathy and empathy for a cancer patient than that of a drug abuser. Maybe I need more understanding, and education. I don’t know.
If I hurt you with my words the other day or even in this post, help me understand why. I have a very open mind. Help me understand your side and we’ll go from there.



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