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Heroin overdose /Narcan and Cancer crisis Part 1 WARNING – this may anger the enablers and drug defenders.

You know what, amazing how “scientists” can find a cure for a drug over dose so quick but can’t find one for cancer while BABIES & CHILDREN are left to die!! Buuuuutt nooooooooo let’s save the life of a drug addict… For free and offer them help for free.
Alllll these foundations and organizations and non profits and the millions of dollars raised to find a cure for cancer all these years and still nothing???? But needle pushers get brought back to life within a short period without foundations of every size shape and color???

If I pissed you off, I can’t say I’m sorry, because I’m tired of seeing innocent children on my newsfeed dying of cancer or fighting for their lives every single day and reading heart breaking words of a mother begging for another day with their child who did NOT choose the cancer life, but the cancer life chose them. Seeing babies and little kids with tubes and ivs, shunts in hospital beds where they don’t have the option to leave and are being fed one drug after another that makes them sick beyond what their little bodies can take… I’m not sorry that you or someone you know made the CHOICE to do drugs. I am sorry that our pharmaceutical investing government keeps approving deadly pills that get you high and make you want something stronger. But you know what, I’ve taken some of those same drugs given to me by a doctor and they made me feel like absolute shit and I didn’t take anymore. Never once did I say “I love how numb my body feels and how I can’t speak or talk, hey I know I want more and more.” no, I prayed to live through that dose and called my DRUG pushing prescription writer the next day and told them about it and said I’m not taking it again.
I’ve had 6 surgeries, was hit by a car, a broken ankle, and deal with back pain on a daily basis sometimes crippling back pain, headaches, bi-polar mood problems .. And I find natural remedies for my ailments. A Tylenol, an exercise, a hot bath, essential oils, loud music, a freaking coloring book and a rubix cube.
You feel bad? Go to any children’s hospital in America and look at the parents broken heart pouring out of their eyes, or the children that just want to go outside.
You needle pushers and tide pod eaters are why I have to talk to my little kids about drugs at such an early age and teach them young what drugs do to people. I educate my children because I never want the streets or their so called piece of shit friends to be their teachers.
Opioid crisis?
What about the cancer crisis in this country?

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what’s considered “crazy”vs “normal”

Why can’t someone have a bad mood without someone saying “you need an anti-depressant” why can’t I have a lot on my mind, need time to myself before I go insane without someone saying “you need a stabilizer”
maybe I don’t feel the need to medicate my problems,maybe I prefer identifying my issues and finding a solution so I can move past it.
I am NOT depressed and I’m NOT experiencing erratic moods. I AM experiencing a lot of financial stress, a lot of relationship issues, a lot of torn feelings, I’m homesick, I was never country and never will be, I feel isolated, alone and used.
No pill will fix any of those problems. A pill will only numb the emotions that as a human being I am entitled to feel. I’m allowed to feel angry, sad, stressed out, emotional, just as much as I’m allowed to laugh, cry, walk or run.
I am a human being with a beating heart and a brain that thinks. Last time I checked having feelings is all part of being alive.
I have no desire to kill myself, I don’t hate anyone or anything, I am simply going through a stage that many other people go through in life. It’s called LIFE! But because I am different than some people I know, they can’t understand my way of dealing with things. They only accuse me of being ill minded and want me to go get pills. NO THANK YOU! been there done that, and unless I feel myself in a dark hole with death choking me, then I will very well deal with my problems head on so I can move forward with my life. Sitting still with a blindfold on never gets anything solved.
So, am I wrong/crazy for thinking this way? Or are these people suggesting a prescription is the answer just want me like them? popping pills to numb the pain and stress even though they wake up just as miserable, stressed, and unhappy as they were 25 years ago?????
somebody help me understand. No wonder I have issues. Being told who you are ultimately defines you. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I am okay and the people that have drilled it in my head my whole life are the ones with the problems???
Maybe my stages of depression are caused by my environment. Maybe my moods are normal. I mean do normal people have bad days? Do normal people ever feel stressed out or sad? Overwhelmed or feel like they need a change???  Or do “crazy” people only experience those things?

I am very aware of my mental state. There have been times in my life when I’ve been so depressed I knew it was more than just a bad day or a bad week. I knew I needed help and I went and got it to help pull me through. I know my brain is damaged. My whole gene pool has mental issues, I just feel like I have a better grip on mine and a better understanding on life and what makes me tick. I had a different up bringing than my siblings and my parents. My parents know me, but they have no idea who I really am. I was a latch key kid raised by a single father with help from a guardian angel, an earth angel and mothers of my friends. I share their DNA, but certainly not their way of thinking.
somebody who isn’t blood has to be able to make sense of this. Cause now I have it in my head I’m just crazy and need pills to numb me.